“Working with Clearcut has been an immense source of support- especially for an independent artist in my stage of career. Their strengths are- putting the artist’s needs in a 360-focus, their ‘wanting’ to understand, always striving to ‘be there’ whatever it takes and always co-working and supporting in myriad ways possible.
I enjoy the spirit, energy and dedication that Clearcut brings to the table”.

Divya Kasturi, Creative & Artistic Director, Divya Kasturi Company“

“For me, Clearcut completely ‘saved the day’ at a crucial moment of a strategic touring project, when, as a result of the pandemic, everything had been thrown up in the air. I was really happy with the practical steps they took to embrace the work in hand, and the calm way in which they did it, which made me feel more calm! Because Vicky and Kyla and their other Clearcut colleagues work collaboratively, there’s a real sense that there’s a team there to support you, each person bringing their particular skills and knowledge to each situation. Their warmth and openness to new ideas makes them a pleasure to work with, and also means they have been able to dive into the evaluation parts of our strategic touring project in a way that’s in keeping with the ethos of the project, and has put audience members and participants at ease. I’m also very grateful for Clearcut’s support in helping me see through the mass of data I’ve been collecting to find the crucial reflections and recommendations, and using these to start planning for the future.”

Katie Green, Artistic Director, Made by Katie Green 

We had a great experience working with Clearcut on the Evaluation for our recent 5G EDGE XR dance education and technology project. The team thoroughly understood our aims and the scope of the project and were able to deliver a robust and clear report, with little preparation time and limited contact time. We particularly valued the knowledge that the team have about dance education and studio environments, which meant they could design a sensitive and appropriate set of collection tools, working with artists, teachers and pupils”.

Lucy Bayliss, Head of Creative Programmes, DanceEast

“We worked with Kyla at Clearcut to create a 5 year business plan and business action plan. This territory was completely new to us and we started by feeling quite out of our depth. Kyla was excellent at helping us navigate through this to create an important aspect of the company’s communication to share with partners, funders and collaborators. Her expertise allowed us to identify our priorities and understand how we might reach our goals”.

Rebecca Evans, Creative Director of Pell Ensemble

“I really enjoyed the people in the team – easy to communicate with, engaged, informed, human focussed, able to support in times of stress, practical, warm. I especially valued: The broad nature of support received from Kyla and Hayley – useful discussion about artistic as well as logistical, marketing and administrative matters.  Culture of partnership and shared responsibility – Although there were specific times organised for our work together, I felt a real sense of on-going partnership and investment in delivering the projects, a tangible thread through the year’s activities. An example of particular support came in my first year as AD of Images, when Kyla went out of her way to be at the premiere in Frome, making a difficult, time-consuming journey to be with me and the company. Flexibility with timing and communication, when necessary. The above indicates the team strength:  the understanding of all aspects of production, the nature of artistic creation, collaboration between artists, abreast of current developments in performing arts, plugged into an appropriate network of practitioners, realistic, practical solutions offered”.

Jennifer Jackson, Ex-Artistic Director of Images Ballet Company


As ever it wouldn’t be possible without all of your hard work and support behind the scene making it all happen and run smoothly. The team at Clearcut have a passion for dance and it shows!! They supported INTOTO dance company at London Studio Centre in their endeavour to reach more diverse audiences which wouldn’t have been possible with their energy and expertise”.

Sue Booker, Artistic Director, INTOTO DANCE

“I found working with Clearcut to be quite affirming. Where others had tried to dissuade me or curb my ideas, Kyla encouraged and saw the potential in what I was trying to achieve. She supported and guided, without spoon feeding, which enabled me to begin to develop my own managerial skills. Clearcut were particularly helpful with the funding application process; pointing out areas that needed strengthening; enabling direct feedback from the panel, as well the preparation period; sorting contracts; establishing dialogue with potential partners. Kyla has always been very generous with her time and knowledge if I’ve sought further advice”.

Caitlin Barnett, Artist

“After yet another hugely successful INTOTO Dance tour and Images Ballet Company tour…I wanted to thank you for your hard work with both third year companies this year.”

Nic Espinosa, Director, London Studio Centre

“Kyla and Vicky took on the role of Creative Producers for Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford in 2015 – a huge street celebration of and for all cultures and ages. They were well organised and dependable, and brought fresh ideas, expertise and a professional approach to enhance the big event and future planning.”

Danielle Battigelli, former Director, Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford

“Well, thank you for everything. You have been just wonderful. Lots of love and luck.”

Sally Marie, choreographer for Images Ballet 2016 tour

“It has been a pleasure to have had Kyla on board for Big Dance 2012 and I was delighted at the success of our volunteer programme. Kyla is a great asset to any team, is approachable and efficient and her flexible approach to a range of challenges was really appreciated. Thank you so much.”

Jacqueline Rose, Big Dance Director

“Just wanted to take this opportunity, on behalf of TSD, to say thank you. For all your tireless emails, calls, tech related questions, meetings and to-ing and fro-ing, we have appreciated and are grateful for, the energy, determination and dedication you have given.” (on working with Elise)

Jason Keenan-Smith, Artistic Director, Three Score Dance


More Clearcut clients

Clearcut has been delivering successful shows, events, fundraising and tours since 2013 for these clients:

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre   >>> London Studio Centre – Intoto Dance, Images Ballet Company, Jazz Dance Co, Seedtime  >>>  Cowley Road Carnival  >>> Henri Oguike  >>>   Wayne Parsons  >>>  Streetfunk   >>>   Marina Studios Foundation   >>>  South East Hip Hop Dance Network.  >>>  Caitlin Barnett >>>  Ensemble Dance  >>>  Katie Dale-Everett  >>>  Sussex Dance Network


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