“Just wanted to take this opportunity, on behalf of TSD, to say thank you. For all your tireless emails, calls, tech related questions, meetings and to-ing and fro-ing, we have appreciated and are grateful for, the energy, determination and dedication you have given.” (on working with Elise)

Jason Keenan-Smith, Artistic Director, Three Score Dance


As ever it wouldn’t be possible without all of your hard work and support behind the scene making it all happen and run smoothly.” 

Sue Booker, Artistic Director, INTOTO DANCE

“Kyla made me feel at ease immediately by responding to my initial email quickly and with a genuine interest in helping me. Where others had tried to steer me away from my ideas, she encouraged me to keep to my path and only looked to reinforce and strengthen those ideas, which I found to be extremely encouraging and supportive. I have more confidence in myself as an artist and in my ability to approach funding applications. “

Caitlin Barnett, Artist

“After yet another hugely successful INTOTO Dance tour and Images Ballet Company tour…I wanted to thank you for your hard work with both third year companies this year.”

Nic Espinosa, Director, London Studio Centre

“Kyla and Vicky took on the role of Creative Producers for Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford in 2015 – a huge street celebration of and for all cultures and ages. They were well organised and dependable, and brought fresh ideas, expertise and a professional approach to enhance the big event and future planning.”

Danielle Battigelli, former Director, Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford

“Well, thank you for everything. You have been just wonderful. Lots of love and luck.”

Sally Marie, choreographer for Images Ballet 2016 tour

“It has been a pleasure to have had Kyla on board for Big Dance 2012 and I was delighted at the success of our volunteer programme. Kyla is a great asset to any team, is approachable and efficient and her flexible approach to a range of challenges was really appreciated. Thank you so much.”

Jacqueline Rose, Big Dance Director

More Clearcut clients

Clearcut has been delivering fab arts shows, events, fundraising and tours since 2013 for these clients:

ZoieLogic Dance Theatre

London Studio Centre – Intoto Dance, Images Ballet Company, Jazz Dance Co, Seedtime

TRIBE//Victoria Fox

Cowley Road Carnival

Henri Oguike

Wayne Parsons

Three Score Dance

Streetfunk and Marina Studios

Caitlin Barnett

Ensemble Dance

Katie Dale-Everett

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