Clearcut works with independent artists – providing advice and guidance or working more in depth with artistic development consultancy or as Producers/Managers.

Currently Vicky is working as Producer with Zoie Logic and Dance SIX-0 and Kyla is working with Victoria Fox’s new company Tribe// and Three Score Dance and The Marlborough Theatre. The whole Clearcut team works with London Studio Centre’s companies. –INTOTO Dance, Images Ballet Company, Jazz Dance Company and Seedtime.

We are also evaluating The Marlborough’s Elevate project, Cowley Road Carnival 2018 and Studio Wayne McGregor’s QuestLab Network.

Some lovely videos and bits to enjoy from these artists:

INTOTO DANCE 2018 tour



TRIBE// contact for a promo pack

“it was truly magnificent to see just how many people (from the local and dance community)  engaged with the performance [Still I Rise] and it was so well received”

South East Dance, 2018