New year and new ideas

So here I am at my desk. There’s blank paper, a pot of pens and I’m trying out a new gizmo – Mindnode to make my brainstorming look a bit more beautiful (and legible). I’ve been thinking and gathering ideas with the Rachel, Maddy and Vicky (the Clearcut team) over the past few months about gender, producing, artists and how to make things better. I think there’s some fabulous dance happening and some great schemes like rural touring that are really getting dance out to the non-regular audiences. There are great women leading some of our dance organisations – Helen at Rambert, Zannah at PDSW and Wieke at Yorkshire Dance amongst many others. But I’m also frustrated by lack of opportunities for producers and leaders outside of the conventional settings. So many great producers making amazing things happen with little resource save their own passion, determination and the artists’ genius. Where is the new generation of producers? How do we support people to move into this work to meet the constant demand for managers and producers without watching as people fail and get stressed instead of being supported to achieve and fail more safely! So, with these questions in mind it’s back to the brainstorming…[Kyla]

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