Looking back at autumn 2016

Although the crocuses are flowering the park and there is a thin sunlight trying to break through the clouds, I’m looking back this morning. Last October Clearcut brought together dancers drawn from across the South East and West, dance artists and academics and some theatregoers for good measure to present a day of workshops, debates and performance. All celebrating dance by mature dancers.

The reason I’m looking back is that all the final elements have come together – a mini film to give an overview of the day and Arts Professional published an article about a ‘new dawn for dance’ due to the rise in interest in older people’s dance.

If you haven’t caught up with what happened at Lifetime take 5 minutes to look at the film and article here:


Please do leave comments if you have any thoughts, suggestions or maybe work with mature dancers and would like to be involved in future Lifetime events.


Photos: Matt Bartram, top left is a workshop participant and right is Dance SIX-O in performance, bottom is participant in dance workshop during Lifetime

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